Instruments of science and technology innovation of great significance

2018/08/30 22:11
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"Most of China's current reliance on imported scientific instruments, the research needs, a lot of processing equipment needed to develop new features, but because of processing a small amount of foreign companies are often reluctant to take, even then, and will delay a long time, slowing research process. centers established, will instrument development and the needs of the various research institutions to combine services in basic research. "In recent days Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing Institute of Life Sciences, Life Science Instrument Technology Innovation Center at the inaugural meeting, said Xu Tao, director of the Centre.

Tao Xu pointed out that the instruments of science and technology innovation of great significance. Always purchase equipment from abroad to study, in the slower tempo than the others on several film. The high level of foreign laboratories, many of the instruments have a special R & D team. When scientists found a way, the required equipment can also be quickly developed, which allowed them to have been standing in the forefront of scientific research. China's scientific and technological achievements to the forefront of innovation also need equipment.

Liu Zhijie Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, said scientists in the study limited mainly by two factors: First, methods, and second instruments. With the method and no instruments, research is still unable to make a breakthrough, which is instrument of innovation. Nobel Prize-winning projects, one-third of the instrument, means and tools of innovation. But as a researcher, if the functional limitations encountered instrument, often do not know whom to turn to solve, because he did not understand what other studies have the ability. Therefore, the integration and coordination center for instrument development is very important.

Huai-Xing, deputy director position, said many large instruments CAS regional service center, but equipment created specifically for the purpose of innovation centers present, only one institution. Innovation Centre in itself is not an entity but a dynamic project-centered management agencies in the development of equipment to play the role of co-ordination. When the researchers work has been limited equipment, they can find and make Xuqiu Innovation Centre, Innovation Centre organization and coordination by the institutes and even national experts to form the team, research and development of the required technical capabilities. If the development of a wide range of instruments and equipment applications, the instrument can be developed as a separate project, apply for state support.

Science and technology, higher instrument constantly updated requirements. Instrumentation continued use of the new trend is the working principle and use of new materials and new components, such as the use of ultrasonic, microwave, ray, infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconductivity, laser and other principles and using a variety of new semiconductor sensitive element integrated circuits, integrated optics, fiber optics and other components. The aim is to achieve the miniaturization of instrumentation, to reduce weight, reduce production costs and easier to use and maintenance. Another important trend is through the use of microcomputers to improve the performance of instruments, instrument itself bear the high automation, intelligence, and data processing capabilities. Instruments not only for individual use, and may have standard interfaces and data channels and computer combined to form an integrated system control and management of various tests to meet the higher requirements.